"Victoria" -the first ship to travel around the world
  "Victoria" -the first ship to travel around the world  

replica of Magellan's "Victoria" ship stopped at "Zea Marina", Piraeus, between 24-28 March 2006. Built on the occasion of Expo Seville '92, the vessel celebrates the first successful attempt to circumnavigate the Earth.

On 10th August 1519 five vessels sailed from Seville, in an expedition commanded by Fernando Magellan, with
the mission to find a shorter connection betwen Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The five ships were: "Trinidad" (tonnage 110, crew 55), "San Antonio" (tonnage 120, crew 60), "Concepción" (tonnage 90, crew 45), "Victoria" (tonnage 85, crew 42), and "Santiago" (tonnage 75, crew 32). The fleet crossed the Atlantic, skirted the coasts of Brazil and Argentina and reached the straits below Tierra del Fuego.
"Santiago" was sent down the coast, on a scouting expedition, wrecked in a sudden storm, but fortunately all of its crewmembers survived. Another ship, "San Antonio", deserted and returned to Spain.

With 150 crewmen left, Magellan reached the island of Homonhon, in the Philippines, but was killed, in the battle of Mactan, against indigenous forces, on 27th April 1521.
Magellan's death left the expedition with too few men to sail the three remaining ships. They abandoned "Concepción", burning it, to make sure it could not be used against them. "Trinidad" along with "Victoria" fled westward and reached the Maluku Islands (the Spice Islands). The two remaining vessels, laden with valuable spices, attempted to return to Spain by sailing west. "Trinidad" was found to be taking on water and thus needed considerable repairings."Victoria" was too small, and, with few crewmembers on board, sailed west for Spain. "Trinidad" left the Moluccas, a month later, to attempt to return home via the Pacific route.Unfortunately the ship was captured by the Portuguese fleet and sank in a storm.

On 21st December 1522, the ship "Victoria", commanded by Juan Sebastián Elcano, set sail via the Indian Ocean to Spain, having a cargo of 26 tons of cloves and cinnamon. Three years after leaving, on 6th September 1522, "Victoria" arrived in San Lucar, Spain, and two days later docked in Seville.
The expedition of "Victoria" was the first to circumnavigate the globe and the first to navigate the strait in South America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
"Victoria" replica has 25.90 m long, 6.72 m wide, weights 170 dwt and was designed after a long research process. The ship was built with materials and equiped with navigational instruments used 500 years ago.

"Victoria" -the first ship to travel around the world
"Victoria" -the first ship to travel around the world

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