The main telecommunications provider in Greece is the state-run OTE, but there are also many private companies that offer fixed telephony services.
OTE offices have call booths where you can make international calls and pay after you have finished your call.
All the public telephones accept cards for both international and domestic calls.

The private telecommunications companies offer good quality services, with competitive prices for calls, from any fixed public or private phone, to any destination in Greece and abroad. They sell pre-paid calling cards that you can use even from pay-phones.The prices are affordable, giving you control over your call expenses The prices of the pre-paid calling cards vary from 3 euros to 15 -20 euros. They can be purchased at telecommunications offices, kiosks and newsstands.

The international code for Greece is 30.
The area code for Athens is 210 followed by a 7 digit number.

The main fixed telephony providers in Greece are:
(alphabetical order)
Columbia Telecom
Lannet Communications
Power Phone
RG - Communications
Telecom Plus
Vivodi Telecom


Greeks like to talk to cellular phones and there are almost 9 million mobiles
all over the country.
The mobile telephony companies expanded at a rapid pace an they have a very good coverage.The continuous investments in the advanced technology constantly enhance their quality, effectiveness and prices-quality balance.

All the companies provide international roaming service and they cover more than 125 countries, with hundreds of operators.

They offer services such as pre-paid packages (connections without monthly bills), pre-paid phone cards and internet access.

The pre-paid phone cards can be renewed any time by purchasing a credit recharge card of 5 euros, 9-10 euros or 15-20 euros. All card types can be found at telecommunications offices, kiosks and newsstands.

The mobile telephony providers in Greece are:
(alphabetical order)