Emergency treatment is given free but this covers only immediate treatment. EU residents will be able to get further free treatment but must carry a form E111 to obtain it. E111 forms must be validated before you leave. This is done at any main post office.

It is always advisable to take out health/accident insurance to cover you for a health emergency while on a trip. Insurance will reimburse the cost of protracted treatment or repatriation should the need arise.

There are no vaccination requirements for your trip to Athens. The tap water is safe to drink and bottled spring water is universally available.

If you are taking any medication make sure you always take enough for your needs while on your trip and always keep it in its original packaging with original labels in case the customs agents have a query about it.

If you have a basic medical need look for a pharmacy (or pharmakio), signified by a green cross, where you will be able to obtain basic advice. Most pharmacists will speak English.

If you visit Athens in the summer, always protect skin against sunburn and keep yourself well hydrated.

If you have a health emergency, dial 106 for an ambulance or to find the nearest open hospital.