Television: Most large hotels will offer satellite TV stations includ-ing CNN and BBC News 24.

Radio: Athens municipal radio 98.4FM has news broadcasts in English Mon-Fri at 8.30am and 4.30pm. BBC World Service can be found on 107.1FM.

Press: Numerous English-language newspapers (US and UK) are available at hotels and newsstands in the city. Some may be one day old.
The International Herald Tribune is published daily and is available on the day of printing.

"Athens Today" is a daily newspaper published in English. It reflects Greek news items and domestic concerns in addition to features and commentary on inter- national issues.

"Athenscope" is produced weekly in English and covers all cultural events happening in the week ahead. You can also find items of interest in "Athens Today" and "This Week in Athens".
You'll find them in hotel lobbies or tourist offices.