Athens has a surprising range of climatic conditions and temperatures throughout the year.
August is stiflingly hot and dry. From June until the end of September, the weather is hot during the day and warm in the evenings with 12 hours of sunshine per day. If you travel after September the weather is changeable with rain and windy weather interspersed with more pleasant warm days. Snow can occasionally fall in winter but rain is more common.


From June to September light summer clothing will be all you need, with perhaps a wrap for later in the evening. Natural fibres are most comfortable, especially in the heat of midsummer. Even though you are in the city it is important to take precautions with your skin and always carry something to cover arms and legs to avoid sunburn. Hats and sunglasses are a must in summer.

In spring and autumn, take extra layers in case of a cold spell. In winter, bring a heavy coat or rainproof jacket as the city can be cold and wet. You can still have very pleasant days even late or early in the year, so a layering system is probably the most practical so that you can add or take off layers as needed.

If you intend to enter any of the churches in the city you must be suitably dressed. No shorts for either sex, and women must have shoulders covered.

It cannot be stressed enough that comfortable, practical footwear is needed when touring the archaeological sites. Marble steps and walkways are worn smooth with age and are very slippery; many surfaces are uneven which can result in twisted ankles.

If you intend to head out to the theatre or a fine restaurant, then take a dressier ensemble with you. Athenians enjoy dressing up, though for most tavern as casual dress is acceptable.