MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES - 2000 Sydney Olympiad

The Games of the XXVII Olympiad were held in Sydney and opened officialy by Sir William Deane, Governor General of Australia. More than ten thousand athletes competed in 28 different sports and two new events, tae-kwon-do and triathlon were integrated in the Olympic programme.Also South and North Korea marched together under the same flag. Birgit Fischer earned two gold medals in Kayak, becoming the first woman in any sport to win medals 20 years apart, Steven Redgrave became the first rower who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympics and judoka Ryoko Tamura earned the gold medal for Japan.

The majority of the events were held in the Olympic Park, in the heart of Sydney and hi-tech infrastructure, well organized athletic centers and modern equipped Olympic Village were the Sydney 2000 Games characteristics.


Opening date:
15th September 2000

Closing date:
1st October 2000

Nations: 200
Sports: 28
Events: 300
Athletes: 10 651
Men: 6 582
4 069
Volunteers: 46 967
Media: 16 033

Candidate cities: Beijing, Berlin, Istanbul and Manchester.