MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES - 1932 Los Angeles Olympiad

The Games of the X Olympiad were held in Los Angeles and, because of the economic crisis, fewer athletes took part. The Olympic Games were officially opened by the vice-president Charles Curtis and the festivities were organized in the impressive 105 000 seats Olympic stadium. For the forst time was used the victory podium for the Olympic winners, the rising of the national flags and the playing of the national anthem of the gold medal winner's country. Also, the duration of the Olympics was decided between 15 and 18 days. The 14 years old Japanese Kusuo Kitamura won the 1,500m freestyle and became the youngest male in any sport ever to earn a gold medal in an individual event. Ivar Johansson, a Swedish policeman, won gold medals in both freestyle

and Greco-Roman wrestling and his team mate, wrestler Carl Westergren, won his third Greco-Roman title, each in a different division. The winner of the Marathon competition was Juan Carlos Zabala, a 20 years old newspaper seller from Argentine.
Despite the Great Depression, the organization of the Los Angeles Olympic Games was a succes and many world records were set.


Opening date:
30th July 1932

Closing date:
14th August 1932

Nations: 37
Sports: 14
Events: 117
Athletes: 1 332
Men: 1 206

Candidate cities: there were no candidate cities