MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES - 1904 Saint Louis Olympiad

The Games of the III Olympiad were overshadowed by a World’s Fair and last over four and a half months. Of the 91 events generally considered to have been part of the Olympic program, only 42 included athletes who were not from the United States.The Games were officially opened by Mr David Francis, president of Louisiana Purchase Exposition. In St. Louis the Olympics organizers decided, for the first time, to award gold, silver and bronze medals for first, second and third place. Marathon runners Len Tau and Jan Mashiani, Tswana tribesmen became the first Africans to compete in the Olympics and boxing and freestyle wrestling made their debuts. The American gymnast George Eyser, with his left leg made of wood, won six medals and Chicago runner, James

Lightbody, won the steeplechase, the 800m and then set a world record in the 1,500m. An amusing situation was created when Fred Lorz, an American Marathon runner, came first ... using an automobile!


Opening date:
1st July 1904

Closing date:

23rd November 1904

Nations: 12
Events: 91

Women: 6

Candidate cities: Chicago, Illinois