Leonardo's Machines

Bicycle (1497)

At "The Cultural Center Hellenic Foundation" in Athens, between 1st February and 16th April, one will be able to see and touch Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions.

The exhibition entitled “The genius of Leonardo” is organized by "Next Generation", one of the leading event organizers and producers in Greece. The exposition displays 40 machines that were built after the study of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, using materials available in the Renaissance era.
The machines derive from Leonardo's manuscripts named "Codices" (1478-1505) and are grouped into five sections: mechanical devices, earth (crane, printing press, oil press, robot), water (Archimedes’ screw, the webbed glove) air (ornithopter, parachute, flying ornithopter bicycle) and fire (canon, machine gun, armoured vehicle).

The exhibition is like a spectacle, in which knowledge and entertainment are entwined, revealing Leonardo's genius.

Ornithopter with Semi-Fixed Wing - Glider (about 1493-1495)

“The genius of Leonardo” Exhibition Entrance
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