Grave stele of Dexileos, dated 394-393 BC
grave stele of Hegeso Proxeno, dated 410 BC
On the left, grave stele of Hegeso Proxeno, dated 410 BC
Street of Tombs
"Street of Tombs"

The "Street of Tombs" (the ancient name is unknown) is a branch of the "Sacred Way" and led to Piraeus. It had, on both sides, funerary monuments erected, in between 5 th- 4th century BC, by wealthy families. The beautiful grave steles found here give the impression of an open-air sculpture gallery.
The most important funerary monuments found here are:
- The tomb of Dionysios, son of Alfino from Kollytos, dated 345 BC.
- The stele of Dexileos from Thorikon, son of Lysanias, killed in the battle against Spartans, in 394 BC
- The stele of Hegeso, daughter of Proxenou, dated 410 BC.
- The Stele of Pamphile and Demetrias, dated late 4th century BC.

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