Pompeion, view from Ermou Street
"Pompeion", view from Ermou Street
Pompeion columns
"Pompeion" columns
Pompeion, view from Dromos
"Pompeion", view from "Dromos"

"Pompeion", situated between Dipylon and Sacred Gate, was the building where preparations were carried out for the most important festival of ancient Athens, the Panathenaia, held every 4 years, in the middle of August. The edifice was built around 400BC, had rectangular shape, a large colonnaded court, a monumental propylon, on the side rowards the city, and rooms for public feasts. In "Pompeion" the Panathenaic procession paraphernalia was stored and those involved in major festival processions would ready themselves.
"Pompeion" was destroyed, in 86 BC, during the Roman incursions into Athens. Later, in 2th century AD, two buildings
were erected on its ruins and, in 400 AD, two arcades were added.
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