One of the Dipylon towers, view from Dromos
One of the "Dipylon" towers, view from "Dromos"
Dipylon, view from the Fountain House
"Dipylon", view from the "Fountain House"
Dipylon and the Fountain House
"Dipylon" and the "Fountain House"

"Dipylon", or "Double Gate", the main Athens gateway, was fortified with four towers, erected at its corners, equipped with double doors that gave acces to an internal courtyard for more protection.
From "Dipylon" started the procession of the The Panathenian Festival Procession, or Panathenaea, following the Panathenaic Way that led up to the Akropolis.
On the entrance of the "Dipylon "was located the "Fountain House", built in 307-304BC. It provided watter supply to the Athens citizens and the travellers.
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