Kerameikos, view from Ermou Street
"Kerameikos", view from "Ermou Street"
Kerameikos, view from Themistoclean Wall
"Kerameikos", view from "Themistoclean Wall"
Kerameikos, general view
"Kerameikos", general view

The excavated area of "Kerameikos" incorporates a section of the 478 BC "Themistoclean Wall", part of the cemetery of the city and the ceremonial entranceways into Athens, from the cities of Eleusis, to the west, and Piraeus, to the south. The wall had two gates,"Dipylon", or "Double Gate", and the "Sacred Gate", placed at the outset of the two most important processional roads of Athens. One was the Panathenaic Way, from whichThe Panathenian Festival Procession would start on its journey to the Akropolis. The second road was the "Sacred Way", or "Iera Odos", which led, through the "Sacred Gate", the procession of the Eleusian Mysteries to Eleusis, or Elefsina.

"Kerameikos" Archaeological Site open Tuesday to Sunday,
8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Address: 148 Ermou Street, 105 62, Athens.
Phone: 210 346 3552
Entrance is €2.

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