Athens comes alive after dark with a range of activities to fill your diary. However, you'll probably need to alter your normal routine to enjoy it as the locals do. Theatre performances are followed by a late leisurely dinner, often after 11 pm, and if you intend to head out to a nightclub, don't expect to start until around midnight. Even if you only want to sample the delights of Greek tavernas and perhaps stroll around Plaka, the real atmosphere starts after 9pm, when Greek families come out to eat. If you can hold your appetite that long you'll have a much more authentic experience.


Ancient Greeks were credited with inventing drama and comedy in the theatre, and this tradition carries on into the present. The city boasts around 50 theatres and the season lasts from October to May. Most of the performances are in Greek.

Hellenic Festival
The Athens Festival runs from May to September with a full program of cultural events ranging from choral concerts to dance recitals, with performances aimed at visitors as well as Athenians. The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, near the Akropolis, holds

classical performances on summer evenings. This is perhaps your greatest opportunity to view a performance as the ancients did. Lycabettus Theatre, on Lycabettus Hill, holds regular summer performances and is internationally oriented.

The National Theatre and Concert Hall, more commonly known as The Megaron, is situated on Vas. Sofias, next to the Megaro Mousikis Metro station. It has a program of new and established works in addition to choral, opera and other musical performances by Greek and inter national musicians and dance groups.

Sound and Light Show

The history of the Acropolis is brought to life through dancing lights, informative narration and the surrounding darkness really allows you to study the beauty of the Parthenon. This is a must for all visitors. Performances take place nightly May to October in English at 9pm.

Traditional Music and Dance
Greece has a rich legacy of folk dance and music. Dora Stratou Folk Dance Theatre presents performances of traditional Greek song, dance and music at a traditional "folk-village"-type auditorium on Philopappou Hill from May to September, daily except Mondays.

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