THE NAME SYROS derives from the Phoenician word Ousira, which means “happy”. The island has been inhabited since 2800-2300 BC.Excavations also revealed that the local population had trading and cultural connections with the surrounding communities. Later, in the times of the Turkish rule, the island enjoyed neutrality and became a retreat for refugees from other regions. Today’s Ano Syros was the heart of the island, situated on the hill above the harbour, in fact a labyrinth of alleyways. Later, the Greek refugees built the town of Ermoupolis, which spread out like an amphi- theatre, with Anastias Church on top, standing like a sentinel.Nowadays, Ermoupolis is Cyclades islands’ administrative and business center, with a flourishing intellectual and cultural life. The economy of the region is based on textile manufacturing, dairy farms, horticultural industry and, of course, tourism. The "loukoumi", a special sort of Turkish delight, is not to be missed when visiting Syros.
From Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport at Spata, there are flights all over the year
Syros can be reached daily from Piraeus (2:30 hours duration) and Rafina (1:45 hours).
There are daily services that connect Syros to Paros (45 minutes duration), Naxos (1:30 hours), Mykonos (30 minutes) and Tinos (2 hours).

Police Station 22810 85330
Port Police 22810 82690 / 22810 88888
Port Authority of Syros 22810 88888
Syros Airport 22810 87025
Olympic Airways of Syros 22810 82634

Olympic Airways - Athens 210 936 3363
Port Authority of Piraeus 210 422 6000
Port authority of Rafina 22940 22487
Port Authority of Thessaloniki 2310531505
Miaouli Square is situated in the heart of Ermoupolis, paved with marble, flanked by palm trees and lined along the southern side by pubs and bars.
The Town Hall, a magnificent neoclassical building designed by architect Ernestos Tsiler, is situated on the north side of Miaouli Square.
The Archaeological Museum, one of the oldest in Greece, houses collections of marble and ceramic vases, grave stelae and Cycladic figurines. Tel.: 22810 88487
The Cultural Centre is situated next to the Town Hall.
The Industrial Museum functions in the Iroo Square.
The Historical Archives are situated in the Ladopoulos Hall.

Ano Syros is a mediaeval settlement, with narrow alleyways and white houses.
The Agios Giorgios Cathedral, a catholic church, has star-fretted barrel roof and baroque capitals.
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