MYKONOS IS AN ISLAND OF EXTREMES. It bursts with life every summer, when party lovers gather to enjoy days and nights full of fun. Mykonos is cosmopolite, noisy, immoderate and the cost of living is high. According to mythology, the name of the island comes from the son of the king of Delos - Anios, a descendant of god Apollo and nymph Rio. In 1207 the island fell under the occupation of the Venetians and, in 1537, it was completely destroyed by pirate Hiredin Barbarossa.
As the Mykonians were very experienced sailors, they contributed decisively with their ships to the War of Independence in 1821, against the Turkish occupation. The first tourists discovered the island around 1930, attracted by the sacred island of Delos and the Museum of Mykonos. The afflux of tourists from around the world was so considerable that, around the mid-fifties, Mykonos already had the premises of the cosmopolitan tourist resort of our days.
The windmills
Little Venice
Hora, Old  harbour
Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport at Spata, there are year-round flights of 45 minutes.
The Mykonos Airport
is located 4 km outside the town. Departures may vary, between 3 and 16 daily, depending on the touristic season.
Olympic Airways has 5 daily flights.
Aegean Airlines also has regular daily flights to Athens and Thessaloniki.

Police Station 22890 22235
Port Police 22890 022 716
Tourist Police 22890 22482
Port Authority 22890 22218
Health Center 22890 23994
Olympic Airways - Mykonos 22890 22490
Aegean Airlines- Mykons 22890 28720
Olympic Airways - Athens 210 936-3363
Port Authority of Piraeus 210 422 6000
Port authority of Rafina 22940 22487
Port Authority of Thessaloniki 2310531505
The Archaeological Museum, situated near the old harbour, has pottery and jewellery collections from Delos.
Tel. 22890 22325
The Folklore Museum, near the Delos quay, houses memorabilia and furnishings in an old mansion.
Tel. 22890 22591
The Agricultural Museum, an open-air museum, is situated at Apano Mili. The centrepiece is the Boni Windmill.
Tel. 22890 22748
Lena's House is a 19th century Mykonian house, situated near the Tria Pigadia. Tel. 22890 22390
The Aegean Maritime Museum houses an impressive collection of ship models from all over the Aegean, paintings and ancient coins.
Tel. 22890 22700
Mykonos capital is Hora, a crowded district with narrow alleyways that go between white-painted buildings. The most known place there is Little Venice, built in the 16th century. The windmills are a particular characteristic of the island. They stand above Alefkandra place and are in use since Byzantine times.
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