The Menu

In most traditional restaurants in Athens you will be presented with an extensive menu, often in both Greek and English, which lists a vast array of seasonal dishes. Items currently available will have the price written beside them.

Some of the best most authentic tavernas will not even have a menu on display but in these eateries you simply go into the kitchen or to the grill to see what looks and smells most enticing, and then make your choice.

This is probably the best way to familiarise yourself with Greek dishes if you are unsure of what to order.

Reading the Menu:

I'd like a/an/some...: Tha ithela...
Could we have a table?: Tha borousame na echoume ena trapezi?
napkin: trapezo-mandillo
cutlery: machero-pirouna
glass: potiri
one: enas/ena/mia
two: dhio
three: tris/tria
four: tesera
bread: psomi
wine: krasi
beer: bira
juice: himos
sode: soda
fish: psari
fruit/fruits: frouto/frouta
meat: kreas

  milk: gala
sugar: zachari
salt: alati
honey: meli
water: nero
egg: avgo
beef: vodino
pork: hirino
chicken: kotopoulo
prawns: garides
octopus: htapodi
aubergine (eggplant): melitzana
garlic: skordo
ice cream: pagoto
olives: elyes
lamb: arni
roasted or grilled: psito
butter: voutiro
chick peas: revithya