Most tavernas will bring a plate of seasonal fresh fruit as a finale to your meal. If you feel the need for something more substantial, then a taverna will rarely have a full selection of desserts. The zacharoplastia is the place to go. Here you will find baklava, layers of honey-soaked flaky pastry with walnuts, kaliafi, shredded wheat filled with chopped almonds and honey, loukoumi, a honey-flavoured fritter. If you prefer dairy desserts, try delicious yoghurt with local honey or fruit. Rizogalo is a kind of cold rice pudding, or try galaktoboureko, custard pie. Cafe society has made its mark in Athens, transforming the zacharoplaslia into a coffee or tea shop more easily recognisable to visitors.


Most Greek cheese is made from ewe or goat's milk. The best-known soft cheese is feta, popping up in every Greek salad or served alone. Kaseri, a hard cheese, is best eaten fresh, but can also be used grated and in cooked dishes. Dodonis is the most popular brand name.