nother Hercules of the Greek hospitality is Hilton Hotel.. It was reopened for its customers on the 11th of February 2003, after being renovated for 15 months, the sums spent amounting to 96 million euros. It was opened in 1963 (in a period when the basis for the new Greek modern tourism was set), is situated on Vassilis Sofias Avenue. The fact that stirred many
controversies at the time was that it is centered on the axis of the Acropolis.

To ensure the customers a higher level of comfort and a larger housing capacity, an extension to the building was added.. There are 527 rooms, of which 220 with a view on the Acropolis. 190 are executive rooms, the other 19 being suites. The "Hilton" has 4 restaurants, "Byzantino", "Aethrion" and "Milos" being open for the public. On the ground floor there are stores and the postal and banking services; on the first floor there are a "Galaxy Bar" and the "Oasis Bar Pool" (with the largest pool in Athens), and a fitness center, with a surface of 1200 square meters. The rooms for conferences and business meetings have a surface of 6000 square meters.

The prices for rooms depend on the period of the year and comfort, within a range of 195 and 342 euros, with an extra tax for the "business' and "executive" facilities. The view on the Acropolis means an extra 35 euros!
Along the years, the "Hilton" accommodated distinguished guests, as Konstantinos Karamanlis, princes Renee and Albert de Monaco, Marlon Brando and Anthony Queen.

Since May 2003, "Hilton" is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.