he hotels are divided into six classes: deluxe, A, B, C, D and E. The D and E category hotels have no public rooms and no restaurant. Prices are controlled by the tourist police and, by law, a notice is displayed in every room, which states the category and the price charged in each season.

There are a range of accommodation at each price and quality level in the city but the number of visitors does put pressure on capacity, especially at peak times between May and September. Always make a firm booking before you arrive. Between October and April, it may be possible to get a good deal as the city quiets down.

If you travel in peak season there may be a surcharge if you wish to book for less than three days. Local and national tax (around 4 and 8 percent respectively, plus a service charge of around 12 percent) will be added to the posted price.

Rooms, or domatia, can be rented in family homes in the suburbs of Athens. Always find out about transport connections to the tourist attractions before making a firm booking. Private rooms will always be clean though simply furnished and prices will be negotiable outside the main season.

If you need advice, the Greek National Tourist Office can help with bookings and reservations. They issue pamphlets listing all hotels in each area or island group which are class-C or above.

I'm looking for a hotel: Psahno yia ena xenodhohio
I' d like a single / double room :
Tha ithela ena mono / dhiplo dhomatio.
Where is a cheap hotel? : Pou ine ena ftino xenodhohio?
What is the address? : Pia ine i dhiefthinsi?
Are there any rooms available? : Iparhoun elefthera dhomatia?

Tourist Police: telephone 210 87 07 000, address:Tsoha 7, Ambelokipi.

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