Athens Olympic Image   Athens Olympic Image
A number of seven routes through the historic centre of Athens - a total of 13,5 kilometres of roads, squares and walkways - were ‘dressed’ in light, as part of the "Catch the Light" Program of City Imaging.

The Program enhanced the Olympic Look of the city, highlighting the atmosphere of celebration of the 2004 Olympic Games. Thus the visitors discovered one of the most animated, warm and interesting city in the world.

Each route was marked by a different name, theme and characteristic itinerary: Athens Reflections, Landscapes below Athens, Athens Scripts, Athens Colours, Athens Faces, Athens Windows and Listen to Athens.

Seven Olympic Landmarks (nine meters high towers, visible throughout the city) were placed at the main routes starting points in order to direct the public. Also, 20 large inflatable spheres, hovering above the routes, completed the spectacular setting.

The aim of the "Catch the Light" Program was to draw the attention of the visitors, inhabitants and broadcast public in original ways, using exciting and spectacular images and public participation. The routes featured and offered an image of Athens as never seen before.