The Ionic order in conjunction with the Doric order was employed in the Propylaia, a monumental gateway of the Akropolis. This masterpiece of Mnesicles, built between 437-432 BC, presents an irregularity of plan because he adapted the design to the peculiarities of the site.

Designed by architects Callicrates and Iktinus, in 447 BC,under the surveillance of Phidias, Parthenon is the best example of the Doric style and "the most faultless in design and execution of all buildings erected by man"

The Erechtheion occupies a sloping site on the Akropolis, where an older temple, destroyed by Persians, once had stood. Spoils of the Persian comquest were preserved in it with other relics, held in special veneration.

Akropolis-Parthenon, Erechtheion

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