MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES - 1968 Mexico Olympiad

The Games of the XIX Olympiad held in Mexico City were opened by president Gustavo Diaz Orda in an enthusiastic climate.These Olympics were controversial because of the city’s 2,300m altitude, with an atmosphere containing 30% less oxygen. Despite the rarefied air, many unbelievable records were set.
Bob Beamon, from the United States, jumped of 8.90m, a world record would last for 22 years, and Lee Evans, also from the United States, made 43.46 seconds in the 400 m. Eulalia Rolinska, from Poland and Gladys de Seminario, from Peru, were the first women to compete in shooting and Wyomia Tyus, from the United States, became the first repeat winner of the 100m dash.

The first drug disqualification in the Olympic history was Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall,
from Sweden, who was found positive for excessive alcohol. The innovation in these Games was the lighting of the Olympic Flame by a female athlete, the Mexican Norma Enriqueta Basilio de Sotelo.



Opening date:
12th October 1968

Closing date:
27th October 1968

Nations: 112
Sports: 20
Events: 172
Athletes: 5 516
Men: 4 735

Candidate cities: Detroit, Vienna and Brussels.