MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES - 1928 Amsterdam Olympiad

The Games of the IX Olympiad were held in Amsterdam, in a peaceful atmosphere. After 16 years of absence, Germany returned to the Olympic Games, The Soviet Union continued its absence and the team from Japan made the Olympic debut. During the open ceremony, for the first time in the Olympic history, was lit the Olympic flame on a gigantic tower in the front of the Olympic stadium. Also, in Amsterdam became part of the Olympic protocol the fact that the team from Greece led the Parade of Nations and the host country marched last. For the first time, Asian athletes won gold medals. Thus, Mikio Oda from Japan won the triple jump, while his teammate, Yoshiyuki Tsuruta, won the 200m

breaststroke. Meanwhile, the team from India swept to victory in field hockey and Hungary earned the first of seven consecutive gold medals in team sabre fencing. In Amsterdam, athletes from 28 different countries won gold medals, a record that would last for 40 years.


Opening date:
17th May 1928

Closing date:
12th August 1928

Nations: 46
Sports: 14
Events: 109
Athletes: 2 883
Men: 2 606

Candidate cities: Los Angeles